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All dishes in our restaurant are prepared at the time of ordering, always from fresh products.
We are asking for patience and understanding.
We will do everything to ensure that the waiting time for dishes is as short as possible, but not less than 30-40 minutes.
We guarantee that the Chef will ensure that every palate, both those who know what they need and those who are looking for, will surprise with a unique culinary experience.



Edward  De Konstantów Przyjemski

restaurant owner






Weights of dishes

Side dishes 70g/300g

Salads 300g

Soups 250ml

Main dishes 400g/180g

Dumplings 250g

Additions to dishes 200g

Deserts 100g/200g

Cold drinks 300ml

Alcoholic cocktails 80/200ml



Kitchen specialty

Roasted pig knuckle in beer with baked potatoes and pickles




* * *




Tartare of beef ligament with egg yolk and pickles


Chicken liver stewed in cherry vodka with onion and apple



Marinated herrings in two flavours








Francis salad:

chicken, roman salad, croutons, egg, parmesan, anchovy sauce


Sisi salad:

aragula, smoked cottage cheese, tomatoes, avocado, basil and olive oil








Chicken soup with homemade noodles

Sour soup with white sausage and egg


Soup of the day





Main Courses



Pork neck in bun with pickles in onion and kumin sauce 


Pork chop with mashed potatoes and stewed young cabbage


Fried chicken breast, rice with peas, pepper salsa and fresh lettuce


Roasted pig knuckle in beer with baked potatoes and pickles


Beef rolls with silesian dumplings and stewed red cabbage


Baked ribs with baked potatoes and coleslaw






Dumplings topped with butter glazed onion


Russian style dumpilngs


Dumplings filled with cabbage and mushroom


Dumplings filled with meat





Side Dishes

Silesian dumplings

Roasted Potatoes

Rice with green peas

Mix of salads with vinegar

Red cabbage

Picled cucumber

Fried cabbage







Apple pie in cup with ice cream and egg liqour 


Cup of ice cream




Cold Beverages


Fruit juices: apple, orange, pineapple


Fresh fruit juice: orange, grapefruit


Tomato juice


Coca- cola, Coca-cola light,


Fanta, Sprite, Tonic


Mineral Water natural 300ml


Mineal Water sparkling 300ml


Mineral Water natural 700ml


Mineral Water sparkling 700ml


Ice coffe


Ice tea


Red bull energy drink


Mojito virgin


Fruit Coco: orange, pineapple, coconut


Strawberry & Friends (orange juice, pineapple juice,lemon juice, grenadine, strawberry syrup)


Red Orange (sorange juice, pineapple juice, blackcurrant juice)



Hot Beverages


Tea with the flow (Bacardi Black, syrop malina)

Tea with Bacardi and Raspberry

Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate with kirsch


Espresso coffee

Double espresso

Black coffee

Decaffeinated coffee

Coffee with milk


Coffe Latte

Royal Cafe (Hennessey)

Irish Coffee (Jameson)

Bailey’s Coffee



Specialty Drinks Złota Pipa


Zlota Pipa (Goldwasser, sparkling wine )


My First Time (Vodka cranberry, Grenadina, Triple Sec, lemon juice, strawberries)


Bartender's revenge (Krupnik, Dzięgielówka, Sliwowica, Grenadine, apple juice, blackcurrant juice )


Polish Martini ( Baczewski Vodka, krupnik, Vodka Żubrówka, apple juice)

Cherry on top (Kirsch vodka, Bols, cream)

Polish shots (Krupnik, Kirsch vodka, Żołądkowa, Lemon Vodka, Żubrówka, Nuts vodka)




                                 Draught Beers


Pilsner Urquell 0.5l

Pilsner Urquell 0.3l

Książęce Czerwony Lager 0.5l

Książęce Czerwony Lager 0.3l

Kozel Ciemne 0.5l

Kozel Ciemne 0.3l

Tyskie Gronie 0.5l 

Tyskie Gronie 0,3l




Bottled Beers



Grolsch 0,45l

Książęce Weizen 0,5l

Książęce IPA 0,5l

Książęce Baltic Porter 0,5l

Książęce Golden wheat beer 0,5l

Lech Premium 0,5l

Lech Free 0,3l

Lech Free lime with mint 0,3l

Lech Free Granat i Acai 0,3l

Lech,Free Pomelo i Grejpfrut 0,3l

Cydr 0,27 l

 Syrup for beer:

Raspberry, Ginger, coconut



For cold nights



Hot Sisi ( Krupnik vodka, white wine, Galiano, apple juice)


Gold Autumn ( Trójniak honey, Galiano, apple juice, lemon vodka)


Honey madness (Krupnik vodka , Trójniak honey, Śliwowica Vodka, Frenadine, apple juice, lemon juice)


Franciszek's coffee (Johnnie Walker, Cointreau, Amaretto)


Sisi's coffee (Kahlua, Bailey’s cream, Johnnie Walker, milk)

Miód Trójniak - Polish Honey Vodka 150ml

Miód Dwójniak - Polish Honey Vodka 150ml

Miód Półtorak - Polish Honey Vodka 150ml


Grzaniec Galicyjski - Traditional polish hot wine 150ml


Typical hot polish wine 150ml


Hot beer 0,5l




Ruby Porto 50ml

White Porto 50ml




Malibu 40ml

Bacardi Light 40ml

Bacardi Black 40ml

Bacardi Ron 8 ANOS 40ml



Seagram’s 40ml

Bombay Sapphire 40ml




Olmeca Bianco 40ml

Olmeca Gold 40ml



Hennessy V.S. 40 ml

Martel V.S. 40 ml

Hennessy X.O. 40 ml



Stock 84 40ml

Metaxa ***** 40ml

Soplica Staropolska 40ml




Bailey’s cream 40 ml

Kahlua 40ml

Sambuca 40ml

Cointreau 40ml

Amaretto 40ml

Galiano 40ml

Jagermaster 40ml

Ouzo 40ml




Whisky Single Malt


Glenfiddich (12 Years) 40ml

Glenkinchie (10 Years) 40ml

Talisker (10 Years) 40ml

Oban (14 Years) 40ml

Lagavulin (16 Years) 40ml


Scotch Whisky

Ballantine’s 40ml

Ballantine’s Gold (12 Years) 40ml

Johnnie Walker Red Label 40ml

Johnnie Walker Black Label 40ml

Johnnie Walker Gold Label (18 Years) 40ml

Johnnie Walker Blue Label (24 Years) 40ml

Dimle 15 40ml

Chivas regal 12 Years 40ml

Old smuggler 40ml


Irish Whisky

Jameson 40ml

Tullamore Dew 40ml



Bourbon Whisky


Jim Beam 40ml

Jack Daniels 40ml

Red Stag 40ml


Alcoholic Cocktails


Cosmopolitan - Vodka, cointreau, lime juice, cranberry juice


Manhattan - Whisky,Martini rossato


Angelika - Vodka,Triple Sec,Archer’s, tonic, lemon


Bellini - Archer’s, sparkling wine


Kir Royal - Creme de cassis ,sprakling wine


Margarita - Tequila, Cointreau, lemon juice


Moijto - Bacardi, lime, sparkling water, mint


Pina Colada - Bacardi, milk, coco syrup, pinaplle juice


Sex on the beach - Malibu,Archer's, Vodka Cranberry, fruit juice, Mai Tai, Bacardi, Triple Sec, pinapple juice, orange juice


Tequilla Sun Rise - Tequila, Grenadine, sorange juice


Long Island Iced Tea - Tequila, Triple Sec, Seagran’s, Bacardi Black, Coca cola


White Russian - Vodka, Kahlua, milk


B 52 - Kahlua, Cointreau, Bailey’s


Daiquiri - Bacardi, lemon juice, sugar syrup


Orgazmus - Bailey’s, Kahlua, Amaretto, cream


Viagra Bum - Jagermeister, red bull


Wściekły Pies - Vodka, rasberry syrup, tabasco





Campari Bitter 40ml

Ricard 40ml

Pernod 40ml






Martini Bianco 100ml

Martini Extra Dry 100ml

Martini Rosato 100ml

Martini Rosso 100ml






Chopin 50ml

Baczewski 50ml

Wyborowa 50ml

Siwucha 50ml

Finlandia 50ml

Krupnik 50ml

Żołądkowa Gorzka 50ml

Żubrówka 50ml

Dzięgielówka 50ml

Piołunówka 50ml

Pigwówka 50ml

Orzechówka 50ml

Śliwowica 50ml

Wiśniówka 50ml

Malinówka 50ml

Goldwasser 50ml

Becherovka 50ml




White figures                 Black figures

(Vodka, orange juice)      (Vodka, black currant)





Wyborowa vodka


White figures Black figures

(Vodka, grapefruit juice) (Kirsch vodka, Coca-cola)


White pawns Black pawns

(Żubrówka, Sprite) (Malibu, pinapple juice,








White figures, Black figures

(Finlandia, orange juice) (Finlandia, black currant juice)


White pawns, Black pawns

(Finlandia, grapefruit juice) (Finlandia, Red Bull)






Pawns 8x20ml (Wyborowa vodka)

 Rook 2x20ml (Krupnik vodka)

Knights 2x20ml (Dzięgielówka vodka)

Bishop 2x20ml (Kirsch vodka)

Queen 20ml (Żubrówka vodka)

King 20ml(Śliwowica 70% vodka)



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