I guess there is no more noble product than venison. Especially in Poland, where the tradition of its preparation dates back to the times of noble mansions and hunting expeditions, described by bards. If you're talking about the most elegant, the most classic dish for the Polish cuisine, it is impossible not to mention wild boar. He reigns on the tables during the great celebrations. They delight not only native lovers of traditional flavors, but also guests from abroad.


Royal meat should be handled with royal meat. So before the venison adorns your plates and zasuli your culinary senses, you must marinate it in our home wine and spices according to age recipes. Only a perfectly processed and prepared dish has a chance to be a real delicacy, such as you will find in our menu.


Venison is a much healthier meat than the meat of fattening slaughtered animals. It is more nutritious because it contains more protein, but it is easily digestible. The food that hunted game feeds on is free from all additives used in industrial feed harmful to our body. The muscles of game animals are fine-grained, more developed, strongly supplied with blood, and contain very little fat. Perfectly balanced venison served on a sauce from forest mushrooms, will put you in a dumbfounded taste. To emphasize the taste of this delicious meat, we serve it together with straight potato dumplings and fried beetroots. This delicious combination of flavors dazzles you in every bite.


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