Mushrooms in polish cuisine


Mushrooms - an excellent addition to Polish cuisine


The undoubted symbol of Polish cuisine is mushrooms. They are one of the first raw materials used in Old Polish cuisine. For hundreds of years, wreaths of dried mushrooms were an inseparable element of the pantry equipment. Dried, fresh, marinated - they are an aromatic addition or the basis of many dishes. They add unusual aromas and exquisite character to dishes. Poland as a fungal basin has entwined various kinds of mushrooms into its kitchen, on the basis of which appetizers, main courses, aromatic sauces and stuffing are prepared. Already, several mushrooms added to roasts, venison, bigos, poultry, fish and soups have made the dishes taste and nutritious.


Restauracja Pod Złotą Pipą is a unique place on the culinary map of Krakow. If you are interested in a unique atmosphere and excellent food, which should be a good restaurant, Krakow as a city with rich historical and culinary traditions, invites you to its doorstep. This is our pub Pod Złotą Pipą, whose menu is inspired by the best in Old Polish and Galician cuisine. Therefore, there could be no mushrooms, which are incorporated into several delicious dishes.


Thick, essential mushroom cream is an excellent soup, which will satisfy your appetite, while providing an unforgettable taste experience. As the main course, pork tenderloin in cream and mushroom sauce is served with Czech dumplings and red cabbage. The mouthwash meat and creamy, aromatic mushroom sauce from the first bite will gain the palate of even the most demanding guests. The classic proposal is dumplings with cabbage and mushrooms, sprinkled with butter fried onions.


No matter if you are a resident of Krakow or a tourist, thanks to the culinary feast at the Restaurant Under the Golden Pipe, you will find out how good food Krakow offers.


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