The charming place in the Old Krakow since 1997 it is creating the atmosphere of the St. Florian’s street. Two rooms in the historic cellars remind guests the times of Emperor Franz Joseph who visited Krakow. The second patron of the pub, the good soldier Schweik, is adding a bit of humor to the imperial and royal interiors.

In the pub you can sit at the bar or a table and select from a wide range of cocktails, wines, beers and ten ways of international coffees. Our restaurant serves delicious and affordable cuisine: simple and local as well as more sophisticated and original. In the summer meals and drinks are also served in the garden often with live music.

The intriguing name of the place comes from the book J.Haśka "The Good Soldier Schweik" and was invented by one of the Krakow’s journalist Leszek Mazan – the godfather of the "Złota Pipa".

Please refer to the bartenders to find out what does it mean.

Entertainment house specialty is a chess and checkers for people with a strong head, a unique opportunity to drink your opponent’s pawns.

Everyone knows that the best restaurants are in Krakow. Visit the best of the best - Pod Złotą Pipą cellar.


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