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Sour soup is one of the oldest Polish soups made with sourdough, based on rye wholemeal flour. Sour soup can be prepared on vegetable or meat stock, with the addition of dried mushrooms. Other variations on the subject of a soup are cooking it with white sausage, smoked bacon or ribs. A few days' ripening process of leaven is a test of patience for lovers of this extremely Polish soup. And then you can enjoy the hot plate of the cranberry, the flavor of which will get marjoram, garlic and horseradish. According to your taste, you can also add dried mushrooms, fried onions or sour cream.


The most spectacular, and at the same time the most strongly embedded in the Polish tradition of serving the cranberry is to serve it in bread. This is the approach to tradition that is cultivated in our restaurant "Pod Złotą Pipą". A hundred-year-old tenement house, high ceilings, unique interior design - cozily arranged cellars of Krakow are the destination of both tourists and natives of Krakow. When you cross the thresholds of the Golden Pips, which is considered by many to be the best pub in Krakow, you will feel an unforgettable atmosphere created by discreet music, impeccable service and a unique menu. Out of concern for both individual clients, tourist groups, as well as special events Krakow and its most representative street - Floriańska, invite you to the pub Pod Złotą Pipą.


Excellent location, legendary atmosphere of Krakow cellars and excellent Galician cuisine - what more could you want? Żurek with sausage and egg in bread is a perfect excuse to relax after work or painstaking sightseeing of Krakow. In the basement of Pod Złota Pipą, time flows slower, introducing us to the magical atmosphere of Galicia, so there will be plenty of opportunities to enjoy the delicious cuisine.


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