We all want to celebrate important moments in our live in an unprecedented, almost magical atmosphere. There are places that allow you to give those events such an aura and Krakow is well known of it. Restaurant Pod Złotą Pipą is not an exception here – it is a perfect choice for your celebrations. With our excellent service and beautiful and wide interiors we can assure you will spend beautiful moments here, and the place will become a natural choice for any subsequent minor and major celebrations with your nearest friends.

We are offering two dining rooms; their size is adapted to the needs of the participants of the event - the smaller is for thirty people, and the larger is recommend for groups up to fifty people. In the summer we also offer the access to our garden in the courtyard, which is also a perfect choice once organizing less formal meetings.


The thing that is making Pod Złotą Pipą cellar unique is our menu complemented by the perfect atmosphere of the interiors. The place in its style reminds guests the times of Emperor Franz Joseph well known from history lessons. The antique and charming dining rooms are the perfect background for trying Galician and Polish specialties - a combination of aesthetics and great meals that cannot be found anywhere else.


Birthdays, engagements, baptisms, weddings or family meetings - none of the above occasions is an obstacle for the Restaurant Pod Złotą Pipą to become a place of pleasant moments accompanied by the unforgettable atmosphere and splendor of the local cuisine. The decision of choosing our restaurant will succeed in being the best idea and thanks to the unique atmosphere will remain in your memory for a long time


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