Duck - an exquisite symbol of Polish cuisine

Kaczka z sosem cherry


One of the most delicious and, at the same time, the most traditional meats associated with traditional Polish cuisine is a duck. Noblest than poultry, despite the preservation of tenderness and juiciness - a duck is an exquisite dish, which is eaten more often, not only at a special occasion. A perfect duck is served by premises specializing in Polish cuisine; for anyone interested in the traditional Galician restaurant set in the Galician tradition is a must-see place on the map of culinary experiences.


What distinguishes duck from chicken or turkey meat is a different texture of meat, richer taste and unusual nutritional values. Duck is a rich source of protein, potassium, phosphorus, iron and vitamins. Due to the higher fat content, duck dishes are more caloric, but the unforgettable flavor rewards the calorie content of the dish.


The duck is a meat that gives many possibilities in the kitchen. Both fried, baked and boiled are the source of unforgettable aromas and sophisticated taste, and its preparation - despite the common opinion - is not very time-consuming or requiring outstanding culinary skills. The secret to the excellent taste of the duck is the abundant use of spices and the right time for heat treatment. The preparation of a duck requires careful observation of the meat - too little or too long the roasting takes away the juiciness of the duck. Constant temperature control and meat watering will result in a real culinary feast.


The cuisine of Lesser Poland has been influenced by Galicia over the centuries, so the accents of Austrian, Czech, Hungarian and German cuisine are noticeable. Krakow as the heart of Lesser Poland, still draws from this culinary heritage, and the duck is a flagship dish served in this beautiful, historic city.


The duck prepared in accordance with Old Polish recipes can be eaten in a few restaurants. When it comes to honoring traditional Malopolska cuisine, the best restaurants in Krakow can boast of a place with many years of tradition. Our Restaurant Under the Golden Pipe is a historic cellar saturated with aromas of excellent cuisine and a unique atmosphere. We offer our guests a surprising combination of refined taste. Duck with cherry sauce served with roasted potatoes and red cabbage with cherry is an ideal visual and taste composition. It's not without reason that crowds of guests from home and abroad come to our doorsteps to see how good Krakow offers.


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