Broth - Quin of polish soup

Broth is undoubtedly the most popular soup in Poland - regardless of the geographical region, broth guests on all tables. This universal, timeless and tasty soup was already known to Neandertals, for whom the meat and vegetable decoction was the basis of the diet. The first written recipes of broth come from the seventeenth century. Its name directly indicates the character of the dish, because the old Polish "seed" indicated the way the soup was cooked - by prolonged heating of salted meat in water. The way to preserve the freshness of meat was its abundant salting, but this was at the expense of hardening and the need for long cooking.


A cooking technician is many - as much as housewives and chefs. The common denominator is the use of Italian and excellent meat quality. The constant rule is also boiling the broth very slowly, with minimal heat. The rest remains in any interpretation - some add tanned onion to the broth, in others the broth owes a vivid color to the addition of turmeric. For some, it is not allowed to swim foam with protein-cut meat - broth must be clear. For others, these turbid elements give the broth a distinctive character and significantly enrich its nutritional value.


Broth is an unconsolidated soup in the form of a decoction of vegetables and meat. The meat used to cook the broth is selected based on the taste preferences and the local availability of meat. The broth can then be boiled using: chicken, turkey, duck, rabbit, lamb, veal or beef. It can be served with potatoes, noodles, millet, or potato, meat or liver dumplings.


The universality of the broth results from the mentioned freedom in the recipe for its preparation, as well as from the fact that the broth may be the basis for many delicious and nutritious soups and sauces. What else is the huge popularity of broth? The essential flavor, which hits the tastes of even the most demanding palate and undeniable nutritional values ​​put broth in the forefront of soups.


The broth contains a number of minerals and vitamins, collagen, fatty acids and protein. It warms up, shortens the time of infection, relieves symptoms of runny nose and cough. He permanently inscribed in the canons of traditional methods of treating colds and strengthening the body. Despite a light formula, it satisfies your appetite for a long time. This extremely Polish soup can be sipped from a cup or eaten with rich additives and in each of these forms perfectly sated and gives energy.


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